What is corona or covid-19?



What is corona or covid-19?

Coronavirus is a deadly disease that causes infection in our throat and nose. The common symptoms of the coronavirus, which is also known as COVID-19, are the gathering of mucus in the nose, loud cough with mucus.
Coronavirus starts with a slight fever, then slowly and simultaneously, the body's temperature is kept on the increase. It may also be possible that the patient may face high BP.

Reason for the formation of the New Coronavirus?

Scientists and doctors aren’t sure what was the cause of the formation of the new coronavirus. There is more than one type of coronavirus. These are common in both animals and humans, i.e., SARS-COV-2, which caused COVID-19. These all came from animals like bats.

Due to the increasing coronavirus cases, our government has failed to take care of all the people and save people from this epidemic.
In a recent newspaper which was published on May 9, 2021, the below factors and conditions came to us:
Now Registration will have to be done online to get the vaccine
To get the vaccine of COVID-19, the registration will have to be done online (BULANDSHAHR).
People will now have to register themselves online for immunization to prevent corona. The service of offline registration at the vaccination spot has stopped. From 10th May, people age 45 or above should be registered before get vaccinated. The people without registration numbers can’t get vaccines.
Forty-five or above age people temporarily enjoy the service of offline registration. Still, due to an increase in corona cases, Home minister Mr. Amit Shah sent a letter to the chief minister of all the states stating that all the people of age 45 or above should be registered online for their first dosage. However, the second dosage will be getting offline like in old ways.

In the absence of “Pehchan patar,” people also get vaccinated.

It is necessary to have an aadhar card, voter id, driving card, passport, pan card, NPR card, or Pension paper (anyone) for the immunization from the corona. In the absence of this identity card, the vaccine should be given only to the saints, prisoners, older men, people with a mental health condition. The Taskforce will find these types of people and get them vaccinated.

UP: Lockdown is extended to 17 May at 7:00 am. The order applied.

From the last two weeks in Uttara Pradesh, it is noticed that the of patients with coronavirus are kept on decreasing, so the up government decided to put a lockdown till 17 may need so that the numbers of covid-19 can’t increase again. During this time all the essential services should be carried on similarly like now.
Actually, after the panchayat voting, the virus is spreading fast in the villages. If the lockdown is not kept, it may be possible that the towns may cause lots of suffers due to increasing in COVID-19.
On the other hand, on 14 May, there is EID. So that after taking the precautions, it is decided to extend the lockdown. Since the curfew in UP till 30 April, decreasing covid-19 cases from 60 thousand to 45 thousand.

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