How do you consider Trump as a President?


How do you consider Trump as a President?

Donald J. Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America- was elected to office on the 20th of January 2017.

He is one of the most discussed and criticized the president of the United States of America. It is alleged that Trump is psychologically akin towards the whites, whereas the American declaration of Independence says that all Americans are equal. 

We may discuss under the following heads the policies pursued by American President Donald J. Trump.


Foreign Policy:

 He became a very stubborn supporter of Israel, endorsing a shift of Israeli capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He played the game successfully with the Saudis after killing Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul. The new crown prince of Saudi Arabia got the first jolt from the Americans, and they were under pressure from Donald Trump to get anything done by the Saudis for this murder. His Iran policy was criticized even by the EU countries for extending economic and arms embargo on Iran- let's not talk about Russia and China as the Security Council did not endorse his policies. 

His policy towards North Korea also miserably failed. Instead, it made Kim Jong-un of North Korea more known to world politics. 

He was unable to broker a deal with North Korea on nuclear weapons. This policy made North Korea bolder than before. 


He brokered the new avenues for Israel to establish diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel. His policies gradually put the Palestinian state into the grave—the Chinese view his approach towards India against China with a lot of anger and suspicion. 

Also, sending a high-ranking official to Taiwan made the Sino-American relationship more confrontational. His policies are almost reviving the cold war of the 60s and 70s– which is a bad omen in international politics. 


His support towards the Kurds angered the Iraqis, Turks, and Syrians. One thing is good that he could realize the failure of American intervention in Afghanistan, and negotiation is going on with the Taliban to withdraw American troops by 2021.

Domestic Policy: 

The killing of some blacks by the police firing created a great protest between the blacks and the whites. Many of his colleagues left him because of the differences of opinions in policy matters. John Bolton and his Secretary of State left him and spoke against him on policy matters, which had been very embarrassing for Trump. 


He faced heavy criticism for not being able to control the spread of the coronavirus. John Biden, the Democratic candidate for president, flatly blamed him for thousands of Americans' death due to the coronavirus.


He has scrapped the healthcare system of ex-president Barack Obama and could not replace it with anything better, whereas the healthcare system by Obama had served far better. Even while the pandemic, he refused to wear a facemask at the initial stage of spreading the virus, and in some press conferences, he was found refuting his statements.

In a nutshell, we may say that his four-year presidency was much criticized than admired– Of all the American presidents in recent history except President Nixon, who was impeached from office in the Watergate scandal. 


It is embarrassing to bring an impeachment motion against him, though Donald Trump has overcome it. However, we have to wait for the next election, which is to be held in November 2020, to see whether if his policies are endorsed or not endorsed by the American people.

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