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The manager of Australian opener David Warner said Thursday that if the I.I. P The 13th season of the A.L. is held, they are keen to participate, even as the outbreak of the Kovid-19 pandemic continues worldwide. Came last week P The deal was suspended until April 15, and, considering the epidemic, there is a suspicious atmosphere. Warner manager James Erskine quoted The Age as saying, "If I. P When the E.L. David Warner will want to play. 

an addition to Warner, Steve Smith, Pat Cummins, and Glenn Maxwell will play in the tournament. The tournament was scheduled to begin on March 29, but now it has been decided to start on April 15. However, due to this virus, it still has. P There is no clarity on the conduct of the E.L. Given the virus's threat, the government has refused to issue visas to foreign players until April 15. 

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown across the country to curb the rising tide of the Coronavirus, followed by the 13th session of the Indian Premier League (IPL). It is also fixed. 

The 13th session was scheduled to start on March 29 as per the original program. Still, due to Corona being declared a worldwide epidemic, it was postponed till April 15 by the Indian Cricket Control Board (BCCI). The 21-day lockdown in the country has increased the likelihood that I.D. P E.L. It isn't easy to have one now. B. That was it. That was it. Come on. Has postponed its domestic tournaments; most sporting tournaments around the world have either been delayed or canceled. Every country has postponed cricket in their own country. Foreign players are unlikely to come to India now. 

Already postponed to April 15. P E.L. The situation of mourners is increasing because of B.C. That was it. That was it. Come on. I had postponed the conference call with the franchise owners. "The first is humanity," said Ness Wadia, co-owner of the Kings XI Punjab team. Everything after that. If the situation does not improve, then there is no point in talking about it. Come on. P E.L. Otherwise, that's right. "Another franchise owner said," Nothing worth talking about at the moment. There is lockdown all over the country. Came before us. P E.L. This is a matter of importance." The league of 8 teams was scheduled to begin on March 29, postponed till April 15. 

Rohit's captaincy team also plays Bumrah from Mumbai Indians. Both are also fellow cricketers in Team India. Rohit and Bumrah have a video chat, a short clip of which has been shared on Instagram. In the video, Rohit calls his one-year-old daughter, who is on Ritika's adoption. In the meantime, when Ritika calls Samara a 'ball,' she shakes her hand at the bowling action and begins to smile. 

The Prime Minister has helped Virat Kohli, P.O., to overcome the Coronavirus. Anyway. Appearing to make people aware of the top players, including Sindhu, Sachin Tendulkar, India would win as Team India in a worldwide battle against this epidemic on Friday. The Prime Minister spoke for one hour through video calls with Sports Minister Kieran Rijiju and over 40 players from across the country amid a national lockdown to control the rapidly expanding Covid-19 epidemic, including B.C. That was it. That was it. Come on. The chief was also Sourav Ganguly. Some of these players also kept their suggestions, and Modi said they would be given full attention. Players were given 3-3 minutes to keep their word. Giving the 5-point mantra of 'Scalp, patience, positive, respect and cooperation, the Prime Minister said that players could play an essential role in boosting people's morale. 

Champion batsman Sachin Tendulkar said that the time after April 14 would be crucial in the fight against the Coronavirus epidemic. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said this at a video conference with the players. Sachin was among the 40 players who participated in the hour-long video call of Prime Minister Modi on the country's current state. "He (the Prime Minister) reaffirmed my belief that we cannot sit idle even after April 14," Sachin said in a statement. The time after that will be significant. "

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