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Freud: Hong Kong responds to global anti-racial discrimination protests, "white privilege" attracts attention


Black Lives Matter! (Black man's life is also man's life) No Justice, No Peace! (No justice, no peace!)

On Sunday (June 7), there was heavy rain in Hong Kong, but many people were still fighting outside the US consulate in Hong Kong, calling for these slogans in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Because of the weather on that day, the number of participants is not significant. But in addition to solidarity with racial equality, some demonstrators were present to protest against the local police violence and believed that both Hong Kong and the United States faced the same problem.

A few weeks ago, the movement stemmed from George Floyd, an African-American man, was killed by a white policeman’s knee during the arrest. The live film spread in the United States, ignited the nationwide Black Lives Matter demonstrations and riots, and spread worldwide.

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Hong Kong people support us very much

Anderson is from London, England, and teaches in Hong Kong. Born in a family of black British people, he said that the movement is spreading worldwide, and he felt it was necessary to speak in Hong Kong. This global movement tells everyone that people will be victims no matter where they are, so people everywhere need to stand up, he told BBC Chinese.

Holding a slogan, he knelt on one knee and shouted slogans with his companions in the rain.

As a teacher, I understand the importance of education. This movement, for students and everyone, is a critical education against racial discrimination. My Hong Kong friends are very supportive of me and this movement, He added.

Police conflict

In addition, during the demonstration, another focus was that many demonstrators spoke to emphasize the issue of police brutality, which has been controversial in various circles in the anti-delivery movement in Hong Kong since the summer of last year.

According to recently released official Hong Kong data, more than 8,900 demonstrators have been arrested since the Hong Kong anti-revision demonstrations opened last year. Many people have accused the police of using excessive force against them, such as rubber bullets at close range. However, the Hong Kong police said that the process is legal and there is no problem with police violence.

In a recent interview with German media, Ye Liushuyi, a pro-Beijing member of the Hong Kong establishment faction, also mentioned that there is no so-called police brutality in Hong Kong and said that compared to the United States, no one citizen is fatally injured by the police.

Wu Wenyuan, a representative of the Hong Kong Pan-Democratic party Social Democracy Link, and social activists expressed their solidarity and expressed their hope that Hong Kong people and Americans will stand together against the use of inappropriate violence by the police;

Last year, the American people showed their support for Hong Kong's struggle for democracy. Today, Hong Kong people also stand up to express our solidarity with them for their racial justice and ending police brutality; he told the BBC in Chinese.
However, in response to police violence, Anderson explained to reporters that it should be emphasized that the black ethnic group suffered excessive police enforcement, and even violent and illegal arrests in many places are the focus of the Black Lives Matter movement. He did not say much about the situation in Hong Kong.

Max Percy, a British Hong Kong citizen, told reporters how police enforcement in different places is a complex issue that needs to be examined separately.

My White Advantage

In addition to the controversy over police law enforcement, this demonstration also caused many white families in Hong Kong to reflect on their class and racial advantages. The 25-year-old Perth's father is white British, and his mother is Chinese. After middle school, he went to the UK to study and work.

Perth, who travels between Hong Kong and the UK, told the BBC Chinese that during this time, others were in Hong Kong, but from the experience sharing and network exchange of relatives and friends in the UK, let him understand the importance of this movement, so he called with his friends on the social network The crowd went to solidarity and quickly received a lot of solidarity.
In addition to complaining about the discrimination suffered by the black ethnic group, Perth and other companions who went to the consulate for demonstrations mostly graduated from elite international high schools. When they spoke on the spot, they also emphasized that they are the racial advantages or privileges enjoyed by white people in the society, called White Privilege, so they need to stand up.
According to a previous report by the BBC, analyzing the Oxford and Cambridge English Dictionary definitions, "white privilege" refers to a society in which multi-ethnic coexistence and racial inequality exist. Compared with other racial groups, the white group only because of skin color Has the advantages of born and born, which are not available to other ethnic groups. These advantages are most evident in distributing social resources, such as education, medical care, employment, and law.

Sociologists also explain that another important feature of white privilege is that it is invisible to most people. People with these privileges usually do not realize this and are unwilling to admit it.
Perth, a mixed-race child, said he knew his race and class advantages, so he needed to stand up. In addition to self-examination, he also needed to support those who were systematically discriminated against. Perth said, You know, what’s more, interesting is that because of covid-19, Asians are severely discriminated against in the European and American society. Still, I am not 100% Asian (Perth’s face is not so Asian). Instead, they escaped the injustice that was discriminated against.
Perth emphasized that white faces are standing out in supporting the justice of the black ethnic group. In addition to visually letting the public see that people of different backgrounds stand out, they also use their white advantages to help the disadvantaged. . Therefore, his racial privileges and benefits are no longer just self-interested behaviors-particularly participating in this sport may endanger one's work or safety, etc., he said.



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