American ethnic demonstrations spread worldwide, demonstrators urge government reform

The demonstration of anti-racism and police violence triggered by the death of African American George Floyd during the police uniform entered the 12th day. There are still large-scale peaceful marches in various places, including tens of thousands in the capital Washington. The planners participated in the parade, and the security guards prevented anyone from walking to the White House. Mass demonstrations were also held in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

On May 25, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when African American Freud was subdued to the ground under the defenseless, white police officer Derek Chauvin once suppressed his neck with his knee for Nine minutes.

Xiao Wan was dismissed and charged with murder, and three other police officers at the scene were also rejected. He was also charged with instigating and assisting in murder.

This wave of ethnic demonstrations spread to Europe, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, and Australia.

Washington State

In the US capital, Washington, many demonstrators took the street with Black Lives Matter's slogan to protest. They met outside Capitol Hill, Lincoln Memorial, and Lafayette Park, where they were changed to a new one. The name is Black Lives Matter Square. The Democratic mayor of Washington, Bowser, welcomed the people and thought they sent a message to Trump.

At the department on Monday, federal law enforcement officials fired tear gas at the people and sent the president to the church.

Bowser said, If he can control Washington, DC, he can go to any state; no one of us will be safe... Our soldiers should not be treated like this; they should not be instructed to remove any American citizens.

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Bowser asked the federal law enforcement personnel and the National Guard to withdraw, saying they don't need to appear.

Eric Wood, a 35-year-old demonstrator, told the BBC, I'm here because I can't be away. The problem of American racism has been around for a long time.

Crystal Ballinger, 46, said she felt hopeful for the movement; I think this demonstration will bring change...I hope to bring out a message of fairness and solidarity.

We are just the beginning.

BBC reporter Zhang Yinghua sent from Washington

The protesters are very diverse. There are people of different races and family members. Demonstrators are full of determination and a high atmosphere. Now they have music, food, drinking water, and hand sanitizers. Demonstrators kept chanting George Freud, Brennan Taylor-she also died in March when she was uniformed by the police-and no justice, no peace.

The demonstrators' actions seemed to be very impromptu. At some point, they marched together and departed from Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. The demonstrators on the whole street knelt on one knee to express their demands at a particular moment.

Salina Cruz, 20, and her sister Grace Lecruy, 16, said they participated in the parade for the first time. She believes that the level of public anger and the scale of national demonstrations may lead to police reform. Salina said, We are just initially, but it makes people feel more united than ever.

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