Trump's announcement of U.S. withdrawal from WHO has been widely criticized at home and abroad

US President Trump announced that he is ending relations between the United States and the World Health Organization (WHO), causing widespread international anxiety and rebound.

The European Union urged him to reconsider this decision, and the German health minister called it a disappointing step back in the international health field. The head of the US Senate Health Committee, which belongs to the Republican Party with Trump, said that this is not the time to leave.

Trump said that the WHO failed to hold China accountable for the new crown virus.

WHO is a United Nations agency designed to help countries promote health care and respond to disease outbreaks. The WHO, the US President, has repeatedly criticized handling the epidemic.

Last month, Trump suspended US funding for WHO and permanently stopped funding for WHO on Friday. Last year’s funding exceeded the US $ 400 million, the largest single donation by WHO, accounting for about 15% of the total budget.

Disappointing movie

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and senior EU diplomat Josep Borrell said in a statement, In the face of this global threat, it is time to strengthen cooperation and Solve problems together. It is necessary to avoid actions that weaken international (cooperative) results. 

We urge the United States to reconsider its announced decision.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn described the setback as disappointing, but he also believes that WHO needs reform.

The EU must play a leading role and participate more financially, he said.

A British spokesman said, The new coronavirus is a global challenge, and the World Health Organization plays a vital role in leading the international health response. We have no plans to withdraw funding.

Lamar Alexander, chairman of the US Senate Health Committee, said the move may hinder the development of new coronavirus vaccines and urged the decision to be reversed most brutally.

Of course, we need to take a good and severe look at the World Health Organization's possible mistakes in the new coronavirus, but it should be after dealing with the crisis, not in the situation, he said.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a former US presidential candidate, and senator, tweeted, President Trump’s decision to withdraw from @WHO during the global epidemic has alienated our allies, destroyed our Global leadership, and threatened the health of the American people. 

Anders Nordstrom, former WHO acting director-general, said he was apprehensive about the move, which will increase political tensions when we need global solidarity.

South African Health Minister Zweli Mkhize called the decision sad.

WHO member states agreed on the 19th to establish an independent investigation agency to investigate the global response to the epidemic.

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What is behind Trump's decision?

In a speech at the White House, Trump said that because they (WHO) failed to make much-needed reforms, the United States will end its relationship with the World Health Organization today and divert these funds to other global scopes worthwhile and urgent Global public health needs.

It is unclear when the US will withdraw. A 1948 agreement between the United States and WHO allows one year's notice before withdrawal.

Trump accused China of covering up the new coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan at the end of last year.

He also said, China completely controls the World Health Organization.

The President accused China of putting pressure on WHO to let WHO mislead the world on the virus, but he did not elaborate.

The wrong behavior of the Chinese government has caused the world to suffer, he said.

The United States will transfer funds to WHO to other health organizations.

More than 102,000 people have died from the new coronavirus in the United States, with the most significant deaths.

Opponents say that before running for re-election this year, Trump was trying to divert criticism of his handling of the epidemic.

At the same time, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that Trump tried to mislead the public, discredit China, and "transferred (the United States) himself to respond to the accusations of inability.

What is WHO? Who is funding it?

  • The World Health Organization was founded in 1948 and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It is the United Nations agency responsible for global public health.

  • With 194 member states, its purpose is to "promote health, maintain world security and serve vulnerable groups."

  • Participate in vaccination campaigns, health emergencies, and support national primary care efforts

  • The Member States obtain funds based on a combination of wealth and population fees and voluntary contributions.

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